304 stainless steel coil9

2B and BA Finishes


2B is the most common stainless steel finish. It is especially used in industrial, chemical and food processing applications, such as process vessels and tanks, as well as architectural downpipes and gutters.

2B is the cheapest finish.The cast iron is corrosion-resistant, because it has been chemically pickled and is smooth.The shape of the material may not be uniform, interweaving patterns, or you may not see any from one batch to the next.

It is an exceptionally hard material and cannot be matched once it has been fabricated.It is often protected by plastic films until final cleanup and commissioning.

Bright Annealed (BA)

The classic use of a BA finish is domestic: the interior of a dishwasher or clothes washing machine. In the clothes washer, it also provides a smooth, non-abrasive surface for the clothes to slide around. The mirror like surface is also used in road mirrors where a precise image isn’t necessary.

Think about the attributes of a top-grade curtain – they should be durable, well-priced, and come in multiple colors.BA is a common grading standard in some schools and thicknesses, but not all.It is highly corrosion resistant because it has a very smooth surface.

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