Steel Coil Manufacturers in the United States

steel coil manufacturers in usa

Steel coil is used in many products, such as automotive components and construction materials. Additionally, it plays an integral part in household appliances like refrigerators and washing machines. Steel coil prices depend heavily on raw material costs and transportation expenses.

Metalwest specializes in providing stainless steel coils for various applications, with processing capabilities that include multi-punching, cut to length cutting, stretcher leveling, slitting and shearing.

Alliance Steel

Alliance Steel is a flat-rolled steel supplier and coil processor dedicated to fulfilling various manufacturing needs across industries. They offer a broad selection of products, such as cold-rolled steel, hot-rolled pickled and oiled, hot-rolled pickled dry as well as value added services such as shearing/cutting/slitting/blanking processing – in widths/gauges/thicknesses suitable for various widths/gauges/thicknesses – while cold rolled steel bulk delivery is ideal for applications within multiple industry sectors/applications/industries/applications/threads/etc.

Alliance Steel has earned an enviable reputation of reliability and integrity since 1986, providing quality steel products to metal fabricators and OEMs across various industries. Their customers include metal fabricators and OEMs. Alliance Steel stocks a vast variety of cold-rolled products such as commercial steel, drawing steel, high strength grades of high strength steel as well as special order and custom cut material to meet various customer demands.

In 2020, a company moved its headquarters and processing facility from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Gary, Indiana in an act that showed their dedication to Northwest Indiana and its steel community; creating 100 jobs along the way. It is an outstanding example of how companies are using their facilities to foster economic development while benefiting their local communities.

Alliance Steel’s steel service center boasts extensive mill relationships nationwide, making them capable of offering an expansive selection of products and grades to meet customers’ needs. Their metallurgical team works closely with you to identify the optimal solution that meets all of your specifications, even visiting mills themselves to verify quality control measures are in place.

The company is one of the largest importers of stainless steel in the US, serving furniture, food, chemical and automotive industries. Their steel service center in Perry, Ohio has been providing quality steel for more than 70 years. Their full lineup of cold products spans heavy gauge to light gauge in multiple grades, gauges and sizes while they stock hot rolled and coated steel in bulk quantities.

Zippia provides information about Alliance Steel that includes their political affiliations, salaries and more. Please keep in mind this data may differ slightly from official records as it comes from anonymous employees reporting themselves or self-reporting themselves as having worked there.


Steel is one of the cornerstone industries in America and plays an essential role in every stage of national economy. Iron and steel development can contribute to economic expansion while recession can cause an economic decline. Therefore, this industry plays an integral part of daily life that must be protected from harmful environmental conditions; also creating thousands of jobs while generating significant revenues; in order to ensure quality products, numerous companies such as Alliance Steel invest in modern equipment and technologies so their customers receive top-quality steel products; such companies include Global Metal Services Corp and their Alliance Steel division.

Our company specializes in flat and coil processing and offers an array of equipment and processes tailored to customer requirements, such as slitting, multi-punching, cut-to-length cutting, stretcher leveling and shearing. Additionally, it provides additional services, such as cold rolling. These essential services help customers save both time and money.

Metalwest has over three decades of experience in the steel industry and prides itself on offering excellent service to its customers. Alongside offering a selection of products, Metalwest provides custom fabrication and slitting services – which produce strips of any width or thickness; cut to specific lengths. They can also perform shearing, laser cutting and heat treating processes as needed.

This manufacturer of steel coils in America specializes in producing copper, aluminum and carbon steel coils as well as specialty and custom coils to meet specific customer applications like refrigerant coils, booster coils, slip & drive and water coils. All orders can be completed and delivered within 24 hours.

This supplier of steel in the United States not only specializes in producing coils but offers other services as well, including cold rolled and hot rolled steel, machining, and finishing. Their facility boasts state-of-the-art machinery to accommodate coils up to 72 inches in diameter; additionally, their team of professionals offer expert guidance in selecting products suitable for specific applications.

Curtis Steel

Curtis Steel offers cold rolled steel coils that can be used for various applications. Their steel boasts high gauge accuracy and uniform physical characteristics, with a deoxidized matte finish suitable for paint, lacquer, or enamel applications. Their steel is also kiln annealed for stability purposes and coated with rust preventative oil to provide additional surface protection during shipping and warehousing.

Cold rolled steel products from Jesse Steel Products come in different widths, gauges and finishes to meet customers’ specific requirements. Their large inventory of tested and certified cold products can be delivered within 24 hours – ideal for customers in manufacturing such as ductwork, roofing and control rooms – they can even offer custom quotes to suit each specific need.

North Carolina-based Steel ProSource boasts a 300,000-square-foot facility located near ports, mills and highways; their steel comes from several steel mills including Alliance Steel. Offering custom cut to length services as well as custom slitting – they specialize in thicknesses between 0.10″ to.250″, maximum ODs up to 72″, and min/max width tolerance tolerances within +/-.005 inches for their cold rolled slitting services available with both uncoated and coated steel varieties – they provide master coil supplies weighing 50 tons per coil!

Curtis Steel was established in 1976 and maintains warehouses in Houston, Dallas, and Rio Grande Valley. They offer an extensive inventory of carbon flat-rolled products, such as galvanized galvannealed, galvalume electro galvanized galvanized pickled and oiled steel products as well as cold rolled pickled pickled and oiled cold rolled coils and sheets for sale. Curtis also provides custom sizes coils and sheets.

Siegal Steel was established as a steel service center in 1940 and has established longstanding relationships with local steel mills, developing an outstanding reputation for cost-effective yet reliable cold rolled steel deliveries. Furthermore, their just-in-time inventory program meets the individual needs of brokers and end users; their cold rolled steel can be found suitable for commercial drawing as well as structural applications.

Xinyang Steel

Xinyang Steel is one of China’s leading producers of cold rolled coils, providing their products for use across a range of applications such as building and construction, auto manufacturing, shipbuilding and more. They offer an assortment of sizes and grades as well as processing services such as cut-to-length cold forming cutting shearing and more to meet customer satisfaction goals. Xinyang has a rich tradition in producing quality steel products and is committed to customer service excellence.

Manufacturer of steel coils, stainless steel wire and metal alloys. Coils come in an assortment of sizes and widths with black, galvanized or painted finishes that suit various applications such as high tensile strapping, sealing strips or regular duty strapping – not to mention applications in petrochemical processing, paper making, sugar cane processing, printing processes, air conditioning units or aerospace industries. Stocked grades or made-to-order.

Provides stainless and carbon steel coils and rebar, available in multiple thicknesses and diameters that can be cut to length by shearing or cold rolling processes. Cold or hot rolled coils come with either black or mill finishes for use in automotive, oil field, aerospace, food beverage and industrial sectors as well as security fencing products, noise control products or furnishings applications.

Steel coils are an indispensable material in the production of steel-based products such as automobiles and buildings, used primarily in constructions projects as well as other uses like pipes, railway tracks, vehicles, ships etc. Trading platforms for HRC products include Globex and New York Mercantile Exchange.

CUMIC Steel is a premier provider of steel coils in China. Their specialty products are tailored specifically to market needs and provide outstanding quality at highly competitive prices. In contrast to thicker steel plates which require more force for shaping purposes, steel coils are thinner and lighter – perfect for applications which require weight savings materials. In addition, advanced cooling technologies help prevent any dimension variations caused by oxidation or thermal expansion that might otherwise arise in use.

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