Stainless Steel Coil Stock Suppliers

Stainless steel coil stock is an economical, long metal strip used in various manufacturing processes. This material can withstand high temperatures and corrosion while being easy to form into different products.

TW Metals’ specialty lies in providing domestic and DFARS materials in special sizes and coil slitting coils to meet customer requirements. Their services also include plasma burning, etching and press braking processes that ensure quality products for their clients.

SG Steel Ltd.

Sg Steel Ltd. is a distributor and custom fabricator of metal and stainless steel products. Sg Steel offers carbon, stainless, structural, chrome molybdenum alloy steel as well as weathering Corten (r) alloy steel in plate, pipe, tube rod bar forms. In addition, plasma cutting, beveling drilling tapping countersinking punching are provided services as well as slitting cutting to length shearing welding services to both industrial and commercial customers alike.

This company holds EIN number 844331781 and was incorporated in Florida. Graffeo Sammie Ajr is registered agent, while it falls into the Steel Distributors and Warehouses industry category.

SG Steel is the leading steel producer in Singapore and an expert in rebar, wire rod and flat products. Their extensive global network of production and distribution centers offer an array of top-quality grades and sizes as well as integrated value-added processing and finishing services. Furthermore, their advanced technology and research & development center allows their employees to work together towards providing excellent quality and service that exceeds customer expectations; taking pride in their accomplishments while striving for continual improvement.

Hurlen Corp.

Hurlen Corp (formerly Kenig Aerospace) provides raw materials and exotic metals to commercial aerospace and defense industries, including stainless steel, aircraft aluminum, super alloys and exotic metals in plates, sheets, rods castings coils. Hurlen also specializes in high-stress industries with secondary fabrication services including laser cutting, tapping rolling burning countersinking. Based in Plantation Florida

Metal coil suppliers provide coil sheet metal in various lengths, widths, gauges and surface finishes. Their stock can come from third-party manufacturers or they may produce it themselves at their plants. Coil dimensions range from narrow strips suitable for strapping purposes to large rolls with holes on one side – providing an efficient storage method that’s useful in various applications.

All Metal Sales of Westlake, Ohio provides non-standard metal stock to clients in aerospace, energy, military and petrochemical industries. Their specialty metal products can be found in major products from Lockheed Martin to GE Power to CERN to Space X; clients include Lockheed Martin, GE Power CERN Space X. Their product lineup features stainless steel, titanium copper bronze aluminum metals in rods plates coils.

Ed Fagan Inc of Franklin Lakes, NJ specializes in the distribution of titanium, stainless steel, nickel, brass and bronze metal stock in various forms. Their coils include controlled expansion alloys, electrical alloys and soft magnetic metals which are available in multiple sizes and grades for ease of use. Their coils can also be customized according to specific customer requirements quickly ensuring quick material deliveries.

A-1 Alloys

Stainless steel coil stock is an invaluable material that serves a range of industries. Available in various widths, gages and finishes, stainless steel coil stock can be used to produce sheet, plate and bar materials used in various applications; manufacturing industrial equipment like major appliances, vehicles, construction materials and tanks used for food and beverage production is another common use for stainless steel; it is even utilized architecturally as windows, doors and flooring materials.

GRX-810 stands out with its high strength, resistance to hydrogen environment embrittlement21 and improved irradiation properties22 as well as superior strength at cryogenic temperatures23; making it an excellent candidate for aerospace and energy applications.

This alloy offers high melting point, low corrosion rate and good resistance to stress corrosion cracking, in addition to good ductility and impact resistance. Machinability and weldability are excellent, while deep drawing/forming processes may benefit from its use as well as cold cutting methods for machine cutting operations.

Brown Metals provides an impressive selection of stainless steel coil stocks to meet all your needs, with sizes and grades including 304L, 316L, 430 and 440C coils available for custom cut sizes to meet individual customer specifications. Their coils can be found everywhere from furnace parts to heat exchangers made by leading manufacturers like Outokumpu and Stainless Steel Coil Manufacturer.

Lawrence & Frederick Inc.

Lawrence & Frederick Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015-certified distributor of raw and anodized aluminum substrates, offering adhesive backed anodized aluminum sheet, anodized lighting sheet, precoated anodized aluminum, raw aluminum foil as well as anodizing services like slitting blanking shearing pressure sensitive adhesive laminating to automotive furniture lighting and nameplate industries.

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Ryerson offers stainless steel coil stock in various widths, thicknesses and grades to meet a range of industries’ needs, such as automotive manufacturing and construction. Ryerson stands out as an innovator through its commitment to quality and innovation; investing heavily in research and development. Furthermore, they also provide value-added processing services designed to reduce inventory and costs for customers.

Ryerson Company was established by Joseph T. Ryerson and his family in 1842 and has grown into an international metals distributor, selling three million tons annually through 70 service centers located throughout North America and joint ventures in low-cost countries. Ryerson stands as an industry leader with excellent customer service and expertise that distinguishes it from competitors.

Ryerson quickly expanded its offerings during the early 1900s to include alloy stocks for railroad and automotive manufacturers. They established their first West Coast plant in 1946, and by 1955 had 12 service centers. Ryerson not only provides metal distribution services, but also value-added processing and fabrication services.

The company offers carbon and alloy steels, aluminum, nickel, red metals in coils, sheets, rounds, hexagons, squares, flat bars tubing plates. Additionally, value-added processing and fabrication services such as bending, beveling, blanking cutting to length embossing grinding laser cutting notching painting punching rolling and shearing are available.

Ryerson saw significant expansion during the 1980s. Profits nearly doubled and sales reached over $800 million, and significant acquisitions such as Federal Steel Corp in April 1967 and Vance Iron & Steel in June 1975 expanded its geographic presence further.

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