China’s Biggest Steel Company

China’s steelmakers face little room for production cuts amid weak demand. Mergers and acquisitions, however, have seen growth as companies seek to increase market share and strengthen bargaining power for raw materials.

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1. Tianjin Tiangang Steel Group

This company is one of China’s premier exporters and importers of stainless steel pipe/tube/rod/angle steel/H Beam beam, steel plate/sheet suppliers. Their high-quality products and exceptional customer service have earned them a stellar reputation within the industry, and they also offer customization services tailored to suit the specific needs of clients. In addition, their team of qualified importers/exporters/suppliers professionals ensure their customers’ needs are taken care of efficiently.

Tianjin Tiangang Group comprises two steel smelting companies and six processing firms that produce iron and crude steel; their operations are centered in Tianjin city in north-eastern China where several large iron and steel plants, including the Xinyu Steel Complex established in 1989 – now one of the world’s largest integrated steel plants – are located.

Jiuquan Steel is a major iron and steel enterprise with an annual production capacity of more than five million tons. The mill combines iron ore mining, coking, smelting and mechanical processing to manufacture medium plates, boiler plates, high speed wire rods and rebar.

At its facilities, this company houses a blast furnace, basic oxygen furnace, rolling mills and state-level technology centers for producing hot-rolled, cold-rolled and galvanized steel as well as stainless steel products. In addition, advanced laboratories specialize in steel research & development capabilities are provided onsite – its research & development capabilities rank among China’s highest for this industry sector. Dedicated innovation teams focus on product development with energy saving, environmentally friendly long-life stainless steel solutions leading the way.

2. Chongqing Iron and Steel (Group) Company Limited

Chongqing Iron and Steel (Group) Company Limited operates as an integrated iron and steel manufacturer, producing and distributing panels, hot rolls, bars, sectional materials, wires and supplied materials for domestic as well as overseas markets. Chongqing Iron and Steel also offers processing automation operation maintenance transportation cargo services to its customers.

Laiwu Steel Complex in Jiangsu Province is home to one of China’s biggest iron and steel production bases, boasting two lines of production (converter and EAF production system) covering mining, sintering, coking, iron-making, continuous casting & rolling and related utility supply, transportation & machinery processing – it is considered a special large integrated state enterprise and one of China’s 100 Most Competitive Enterprises as well as being recognized as an Energy Saving Enterprise and Government-supported.

Established on August 11, 1997 and located in Chongqing, People’s Republic of China, our company specializes in offering steel plates for shipbuilding, pressure vessel, boilers and gas cylinders as well as low alloy high strength steel, normal carbon structural plates hot rolled coils coils steel sections high speed wire rod and billets.

Baowu Steel Group completed a significant acquisition in June 2019, when they purchased 51% of Magang Group Holding Co Ltd, Anhui province’s premier steel complex. With this move, Baowu moved closer to reaching their goal of producing 80 million tons by 2021 while becoming comparable with ArcelorMittal as the world’s top steelmaker. Furthermore, purchasing Magang assets should bring additional cost savings by year’s end; Siyuan Hehe Fund was established jointly between Baowu Iron & Steel of China and WLRoss of United States to help remove excess capacity, clear zombie enterprises as well as facilitate mergers or reorganizations activities between both companies in order to remove excess capacity, clear zombie enterprises as well as facilitate mergers or reorganizations efforts aimed at helping remove excess capacity as clearing zombie enterprises along with mergers/reorganizations processes; to help remove excess capacity, clear zombie enterprises as well as facilitate mergers/reorganizations processes.

3. Fujian Sanming Steel

Fujian Sanming Steel operates as an iron and steel company. The Company produces and sells various steel products such as deformed steel bars for construction use, wire rods for metal products manufacturing and medium steel plates for distribution throughout China. Established on December 26, 2001 and located in Fujian Province (China).

Baosteel is one of the world’s premier and most comprehensive iron & steel complexes, known for its competitive advantage based on reputation, talent development, innovation management technology. Supported by both state and government funding sources, this state-owned enterprise ranks number one for comprehensive strength among Chinese industrial enterprises.

Steel Corp of China is one of the largest iron and steel producers worldwide by production capacity, producing steel in slabs, flats, strips and coils used for automobile and ship building applications as well as special grades such as stainless and high performance steels.

Handan Iron & Steel Group was established in 1958 in Hebei Province. Producing steel bars, plates and wire rods as well as coke by-products – annual steel production at Handan exceeds 5 million tons with an average annual sales income of 16 billion yuan.

The Jiangsu Yonggang Group operates a blast furnace (BF) and basic oxygen furnace steel plant in Yanta City, Henan, China with an annual production capacity of 6800 thousand tonnes per annum. Their steel is sold both domestically and internationally with domestic rebar makers particularly benefiting from this quality product.

4. Jiangsu Yonggang Group

Jiangsu Yonggang Group operates as an integrated iron and steel enterprise, featuring an elaborate system for iron-making, steel-making, rolling processing and product distribution to customers across China and overseas. Rebar, wire rods and slabs produced are sold to clients located both domestically and abroad for construction, machinery manufacturing and electrical power industries among others. Furthermore, energy efficiency and environmental protection remain priorities; energy-saving projects are being implemented alongside technology upgrades.

Products manufactured and exported by this company are utilized in high-profile projects like Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Zhejiang Qinshan nuclear power station in Hejiang province; further, they are exported to over 30 countries and regions globally. Furthermore, value-added services are provided to its customers as part of continuous innovation and quality improvement processes; all operations follow the Scientific Development Concept with key competencies including R&D, manufacturing, and marketing as core strengths of operation.

At its location in Zhangjiagang City in Jiangsu province’s Economic Development Zone, this company enjoys an ideal geographic position with access to its seven-kilometer deep water line and highways that extend in every direction. With annual production capacities exceeding 23 million tons of crude steel and over 100,000 employees working here annually, this facility produces products such as rebar, wire rods, slabs and hot-rolled coils in addition to special steel types such as bearing steels, spring steels and cold heading steels for production purposes.

In 2005, Jiangsu Yonggang invested in Kocks Reducing+Sizing technology of the fifth generation to become one of the world’s premier SBQ manufacturers. Since this investment broke the 100 reference barrier and boosted revenues to over $150 Million USD per annum, this accomplishment earned Jiangsu Yonggang recognition as a one of the 100 Most Competitive Chinese Enterprises as well as being recognized as National First Level Energy Saving Enterprise and industrial technology research center.

5. Tangshan Jianlong Steel

Tangshan Jianlong Group owns and operates an impressive iron and steel complex in Tangshan, Hebei Province. Comprising 30 iron ore mining and steelmaking plants, its operations encompass smelting, cold rolling, hot rolling and processing steel products; their annual production capacity has now reached 6.5 million tons per year with products used across various industries including automobiles and home appliances as well as engineering construction services provided.

Jianlong has undertaken an aggressive technical revamping effort in recent years, seeking to optimize technology, adjust product structure, save energy and decrease consumption. For its efforts it received several awards such as the National Quality Award and “Leading Company of Maintenance and Reliability KPIs Survey Project”. Furthermore it became a constituent of both FTSE4Good index as well as Dow Jones Sustainability Index in 2014.

Baosteel is one of the world’s largest steel producers, boasting a significant presence in international markets. Their products can be found across industries including automotive, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and energy transportation; additionally they are one of the major providers of stainless steel products.

Shougang Steel Corporation was established in 1919, making it one of China’s oldest steel companies. A state-owned enterprise, this giant manufacturing corporation is well known for producing top quality products using advanced equipment. Alongside their core steelmaking operation, they also boast numerous subsidiaries that specialize in welding pipes, rebars and steel bars production.

Angang Steel Complex in Hebei, China is one of the country’s most advanced steel complexes. Boasting state-of-the-art equipment and technology in its field, Angang manufactures an extensive variety of steel products including rebar, stainless steel and special purpose steels.

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