Stainless Steel Coil Manufacturers

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Stainless steel coil manufacturers specialize in creating custom metal products to meet client specifications, cutting material to exact lengths and widths while offering various finishes for an ideal finish.

These manufacturers can buy stainless steel directly from mills, providing production-sized quantities at just-in-time delivery services.

1. Outokumpu

Outokumpu’s metals business encompasses mining, smelting and refining copper and stainless steel. As one of the world’s top copper producers and one of the leading producers of rolled stainless steel sheets.

Outokumpu can trace its beginnings back to Finland in 1924 when industrialist and mining magnate Haakon Vraala established it as a subsidiary of the Finnish state. Major projects began taking shape during the 1930s, and quickly expanded across global operations.

Outokumpu discovered chromium and nickel deposits in Finland’s Kemi Channel during the 1960s. This allowed Outokumpu to begin producing ferrochrome, an essential ingredient in producing stainless steel. By 1968, Outokumpu’s Tornio Smelter became operational, giving Outokumpu access to an essential raw material needed for its expansion plans.

Outokumpu offers an expansive selection of cold rolled coil, strip, and sheet products suitable for virtually all applications, featuring various grades, sizes, surface finishes and corrosion-resistance options ranging from austenitic ferritic duplex martensitic grades.

Stainless steel has become an indispensable material, featuring prominently in many iconic buildings like Chicago’s Cloud Gate and New York City’s Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center). Furthermore, the company provides various engineering products including precision strip that meets highly demanding application requirements.

Outokumpu offers customers in various markets and industries access to its global sales and service centers through an expansive global sales and service center network, offering hot rolled coil in widths up to two meters (72″) as well as large plates (quarto plate) that meet customer specifications. Outokumpu’s Degerfors plate production unit in Sweden utilizes industry expertise for superior quality performance resulting in products such as its duplex Forta SDX 2507 and SDX 316L grades of high performance plate.

2. Jawaysteel

Jawaysteel specializes in the production and exportation of stainless steel coil, used extensively across industries including car bodies and parts for cars, construction structural support structures and household appliances such as metal furniture or kitchenware. Their products come with various thicknesses and finishes tailored specifically to customer requirements.

The company also offers galvanized steel coils, featuring zinc coating that resists corrosion and are popular in construction and decorative coating industries as well as roofing and siding materials. Stainless steel is an extremely versatile material and can be made into various shapes and sizes to meet a range of applications; their product offerings include stainless steel coils, hot and cold-rolled sheet and plate, with technical sales professionals to assist customers in finding solutions tailored specifically to their applications.

A stainless steel coil is a flexible strip of metal typically wound into circles or square shapes for easier storage. Produced using various alloys ranging from low carbon grades, high strength grades and nickel alloys – stainless steel coils offer durability against corrosion as well as heat and moisture resistance; our company provides both welded and seamless stainless steel coils.

Stainless steel is an indispensable material in modern engineering, thanks to its combination of strength, durability and recyclability. Furthermore, its easy machining makes stainless steel an invaluable choice for manufacturing companies.

Steel coils are produced at a hot strip mill by rolling slabs of steel into long and narrow strips that are then sprayed with water to reach their coiling temperature and cool before they can be sent for shipping or sold. Once cool, coils can then be shipped and sold.

Price fluctuations of steel coils depend on various factors. Iron ore prices, the primary raw material used for steel production, can have an enormous impact on their price; transportation expenses also play a part.

3. Scott Stainless Steel

Established in 1953, this ISO 9100 and AS 9100 certified stocking distributor of flat rolled stainless steel offers custom processing including precision stainless steel slitting. Coils come in widths up to 60 in. and weights of 30000 lb for aerospace, automotive, industrial & signage applications. Custom slit to width and cut to length services are also provided as part of their offerings which also include products like 304, 316, 317, 17-7 and 400 grade alloys in either annealed or tempered conditions.

Thailand-based manufacturer of round and flat wire miniature coils offers a selection of materials including 304 and 316 type stainless steel coils in various thicknesses up to 3.50mm O.D. Coils can be provided annealed or tempered and oscillate/traverse wound onto spools or ribbon wound cores; custom width/cut to length products as well as specialty skived edges can also be custom ordered as RoHS, DFARS & REACH compliant products are also offered by them.

Scott’s Billet LS Valve Cover & Coil Covers are the ideal way to enhance and conceal factory coils on an LT-powered vehicle, without looking cheap or tacky. Crafted in house from solid 6061 aluminum, these high-quality billet covers come with either raw or black anodized finishes and feature ports for spark plug wires to exit from engine; plus hardware is provided along with CNC engraving capability (add charge applies for additional engraving requests). A must have for any high performance LT application! Order yours now!

4. Ryerson

Manufacturer and distributor of stainless steel coils. Products include grades such as 304, 316L, 347 and 409 stainless steel alloys in coil form. Coils come in various widths and thicknesses with specialty finishes like mill rolled, etched and pickled finishes available; used in seal strips, gaskets, machine tool transmissions and fabrication parts – certified ISO 9100 and AS 9100 compliant.

Ryerson Metals Processing and Distribution Company operates an expansive network of service centers throughout North America and Mexico, offering industrial metal products such as stainless steel, aluminum, carbon and alloy steels as well as red and nickel metals – including sheets, plates, bars tubing and structural products in various shapes sizes forms such as sheet, plate bars tubing and structural products. Furthermore Ryerson offers value added processing and fabrication services such as bending beveling blanking cutting to length forming grinding drilling laser cutting machining notching services as well.

Joseph T. Ryerson opened a small iron store in Chicago, Illinois in 1842 and quickly expanded it into one of North America’s leading single-branded steel service centers. By 1930s Ryerson had expanded to stock large stocks of stainless steel and aluminum; it also adopted a policy of equal opportunity for all employees years before such practices were legally mandated or common practice.

Ryerson began expanding and diversifying during the 1940s by acquiring numerous other companies and greatly expanding its operations and capabilities. In 1957, it published an Equal Opportunity Policy prior to such policies becoming mandatory or commonly practiced in business. Ryerson continued expanding throughout the 1950s and 1960s by purchasing steel distributors as well as adding processing capacity.

Ryerson is now one of the largest steel and metal suppliers worldwide, operating over 50 facilities across North America, Mexico, and China with more than 7,000 employees headquartered out of Chicago IL. Ryerson first went public on the New York Stock Exchange under symbol RYI since 1996 and remains publicly listed today.

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