Stainless Steel With a Mirror Finish

gold mirror stainless steel sheet

Mirror-finished stainless steel adds an air of luxury to any space. Durable yet attractive, its beneficial properties include resistance to rust and corrosion.

Mirror finish metals also possess smooth surfaces, making them less susceptible to contamination than other metals. But is a mirror finish really necessary for your project?


Gold mirror stainless steel sheet has an extremely reflective surface with a brilliant shine, making it an attractive decorative element in architectural and interior design projects. Furthermore, its non-porous surface makes cleaning and maintaining easier in sterile environments while its high-grade materials and expert fabrication process guarantee its longevity and longevity.

Mirror finish stainless steel sheets are often found in public places such as staircases and elevators due to their hygiene benefits. Gradual removal of surface scratches through polishing processes helps minimize areas that can harbor dirt or bacteria, while their smooth surface also offers great resistance against corrosion, wear and tear and environmental influences.

There are various stainless steel finishes available, with #8 mirror being one of the more popular choices, featuring high levels of reflection and a shiny surface similar to glass mirror. Other popular choices are No. 7 mirror with its hazy appearance and polishing “grit” lines, and No. 12 mirror which boasts finer grit lines that is even more reflective.

Black mirror-finished stainless steel adds a modern aesthetic to any space with its dark grey appearance and non-directional reflectivity, similar to that of a mirror. This finish can be found on furniture or aesthetic items as an accent piece that adds modern charm.

Hotigold’s gold mirror stainless steel decorative sheet is created using premium raw materials and titanium PVD coating processes, creating a durable yet long-term golden mirror effect which can be used across a variety of applications – elevator decoration, hotel supplies and industrial products can all benefit from its attractive aesthetics.

Hairline finished products of stainless steel epitomize its beauty and versatility, as evidenced by our selection of elegant yet stylish sheets that show its potential in exterior building decorations and elevator interiors. Meticulously selected materials, stringent quality control measures, reliable packaging methods all help contribute to our excellent products’ excellent quality; natural metallic textures of our hairline finished sheets add the perfect accent for any building or architectural project while their long-term durability guarantees they can withstand even the harshest environments.


Gold mirror stainless steel sheet adds a luxurious finish to interior spaces with its reflective surface and durability, resisting rust, corrosion and wear – ideal qualities that make it suitable for use both commercially and residentially. Easy to clean, it stands up well under heavy traffic making it the go-to material in kitchens, bathrooms and elevators as well as adding elegance to furniture, lighting fixtures or decorative accents.

Gold mirror stainless steel stands out among metals by being virtually tarnish-free, meaning no regular polishing or cleaning is needed to maintain it. Furthermore, its resistance to scratching, fading and chemical degradation make it ideal for high traffic areas; additionally, it is easy to work with and can even be welded to other materials easily – perfect for outdoor applications as it won’t corrode under exposure to the elements!

When selecting a mirror finish for your project, take into account its overall design aesthetic and how well it complements existing architectural elements of your space. For example, modern kitchens might benefit from sheets featuring brushed finishes while contemporary bathrooms would look better with polished ones. It is also important to keep wear and tear in mind as some finishes are more resilient than others.

PVD gold mirror stainless steel provides an elegant and long-term mirror finish, created using Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). This coating process vaporizes a layer of gold before depositing it onto the surface of stainless steel to produce an attractive golden hued coating which lasts. It’s highly-durable yet appealing; making a PVD gold finish an attractive and long-term addition to any product or surface.

We are one of the premier suppliers and exporters of an impressive variety of stainless steel No 8 mirror sheets. Manufactured using premium grade raw materials and cutting-edge technology by our skilled workforce, these sheets come in various sizes and specifications to meet client demands worldwide. Additionally, quality parameters are regularly assessed to ensure its flawlessness when delivered directly to clients.

Low maintenance

Mirror finish stainless steel sheets are both visually appealing and easy to maintain, featuring durability, resistance to corrosion and oxidation, easy cleaning with cloth or sponge, fire-resistance, excellent heat conductivity properties that make them suitable for commercial applications or stylish contemporary designs.

TBK Metal’s specialty lies in producing premium stainless steel sheet products, using cutting-edge coating technologies which are environmentally-friendly and produce minimal waste compared to conventional electroplating processes, which utilize harmful chemicals that pollute our planet. Furthermore, its mirror stainless steel products stand up well in demanding environments thanks to their resistance against wear and tear.

Our SS 304 & 316 No 8 Mirror Finish Sheet offers an elegant appearance to elevate the aesthetics of any project. Crafted through rigorous polishing, its smooth surface boasts reflective qualities perfect for architectural facades, elevator interiors and automotive components. Furthermore, its easy maintenance requires only mild detergent and water solutions – ideal for architectural facades, elevator interiors or automotive components!

Mirror finishes are highly polished commercial finishes that are often found on aesthetic pieces like faucets or modern coffee tables. Achieve by working metal through various grit grades in mechanical polishing processes, mirror finishes gradually remove scratches and roughness on their surface leaving it smooth and shiny with lower Ra readings than other finishes so fewer troughs and grooves exist which could potentially harbour contaminants on its surface.

Gold mirror stainless steel sheet is popular due to its smooth surface that’s easy to keep clean, non-porous design, and resistance against dirt, stains and bacteria. In sterile environments it offers good corrosion and oxidation resistance – perfect for use in medical facilities and food production plants – while its attractive aesthetic and low maintenance costs make it suitable for various commercial projects.


Stainless steel mirror sheets offer exceptional reflectivity, making them suitable for numerous applications. Furthermore, they come with various finishing options, including brushing and sandblasting, that allow users to add unique looks. Sandblasted finish combined with mirror polish can create an eye-catching visual effect; especially useful in elevator door design and interior decoration applications as it adds an air of luxury into any space.

Utilizing stainless steel mirror finished plates in architectural cladding, kitchen counters, elevator cabins, signages, automaton industry and hospitals can bring beauty to any space. They are easy to keep clean while being resistant to dirt, stains and bacteria build-up – making them the ideal choice for sterile environments and long lasting under harsh conditions.

304 grade stainless steel sheets make an excellent material for mirror-finish applications due to their strength, corrosion resistance, low coefficient of expansion and suitability for outdoor environments. Due to these properties, 304 grade stainless steel can be found used in bathroom ceilings, walls and kitchen sinks – not forgetting being cut and shaped into various shapes to fit individual spaces perfectly!

316 grade decorative stainless steel is another popular decorative choice, thanks to its corrosion and stain-resistance properties. This grade can be used in architectural facades and elevators while its stain resistance makes it suitable for kitchen countertops and sinks as well.

Manufacturers seeking a superior mirror finish must source materials of the highest-grade. In particular, dense and hard materials should be chosen so as to withstand high-pressure polishing processes without deforming. Furthermore, free from impurities like chromium oxides or nitrogen oxides is important. Lastly, precision in the machining process ensures a smooth surface finish.

SS decorative sheets are widely utilized across a range of industries including construction, industrial and automotive. With easy maintenance requirements and long lifespan, they make an excellent choice for commercial and residential buildings alike. Plus, their durability enables welding/machining operations quickly making SS decorative sheets an economical choice for a range of projects.

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