Stainless Steel Coil Factory

stainless steel coil factory

Manufacturer of stainless steel coils in various sizes and grades. Coils can be cut to size, polyvinyl coated, and polished before being used in kitchen appliances, plumbing equipment, automotive trim or furniture production.

Stainless steel coils are one of the most valuable metal products that manufacturers utilize. Their lightweight nature makes them versatile and useful across a range of applications.

Liaocheng Xinzheng Steel Co., Ltd.

Steel coils can be produced using various processes, depending on their intended use. Some utilize continuous forming processes while others cut from flat slabs – either way, these coils offer immense versatility that can be utilized across many applications. Steel coils have numerous uses in construction, manufacturing and shipping containers; they can even be painted or coated to meet customer requirements. There are various steel coil manufacturers who produce quality products; one such manufacturer is Liaocheng Xinzheng Steel which has been in business for 17 years and strives to offer exceptional products as well as outstanding customer service.

Jindal Stainless is an international steel manufacturer specializing in flat stainless-steel products such as coils. Their coils are manufactured and distributed worldwide to various industries for use, along with value added services such as slitting and straightening services. All their products are constructed using high-grade steel materials from ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities.

Henan Mintai Aluminum is another manufacturer that produces steel coils in various grades and forms, from galvanized, hot-rolled, cold-rolled and stainless. Their offerings span galvanized, hot-rolled, cold-rolled and stainless varieties; as well as specialty aluminums for roofing or gutter applications.

The company employs an experienced team of professionals dedicated to meeting customer demands. Their production facilities are fully automated and equipped with cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing top quality steel coils at competitive prices – they even provide customized packaging options!

Tianjin Honest Steel has been in business for more than a decade and offers an extensive range of steel coil products that meet any application from construction to appliance manufacturing. Their state-of-the-art production facilities and advanced steel coil manufacturing technology ensure customer satisfaction; furthermore they hold ISO 9001:2008 certification to show this commitment to excellence.

Shanghai Huagang has been at the forefront of steel coil production for more than two decades. They are an established supplier in China and boast an expansive production capacity. Their products can be found everywhere from machinery manufacturing and container fabrication to shipbuilding; all supported by an expert R&D team; they continually create new products to meet customer demands.


Steelco, with primary production centers located in Finland, Germany, Sweden, the US and Mexico as well as an extensive global sales organization and service centre network allowing it to meet customers worldwide with its expertise in metallurgy and technology.

Stainless steel is an extremely useful material, with multiple applications. Available in coils, bars and sheets form, it can be found everywhere from building sites to transportation fleets and manufacturing operations. Not to mention its environmental friendliness: Low maintenance requirements make stainless steel ideal for building, transportation and manufacturing tasks alike! Plus it resists corrosion easily making it a popular material across many fields.

Stainless steel is most often found in automotive components and construction materials, including automotive manufacturers who rely on it for body panels, engine components and transmissions for their cars; construction companies use it to construct I-beams; it can even be found in refrigerators and washing machines! Plus, its use as an eco-friendly material means that its recycled properties remain unchanged – which means more metal being recycled without losing any properties of its own.

Coil processing involves the transformation of steel coils into various shapes and sizes. It can be performed both cold rolled and hot rolled steels. Its main processes are cut-to-length (CTL) and cut-to-width (slitting), both services available on stainless and non-stainless steels alike. As the end product of these processes comes either a sheet or plate – used in aircraft, water tankers or even buildings to organize electricity cables.

Specialized company that offers stainless steel and specialty alloy coils. Additionally, cutting, slitting, and sizing services. It serves aerospace, automotive, chemical, communication, food processing, laboratory marine optical transportation semiconductor industries – with services tailored specifically to their clients needs.

Family-owned and operated, this business specializes in customizing flexible stainless steel and aluminum products to various industries. Backed by years of experience and designed for superior quality at highly competitive prices, its products are trusted domestic and foreign suppliers alike and established relationships with key global partners. Their team of experts are committed to providing top-quality products along with exceptional customer service at exceptional rates; experienced in handling large volume orders with extensive knowledge about the stainless steel industry – their services are available 24 hours a day!


YAOYI is an international stainless steel coil manufacturer and supplier located in Ningbo, China. Specializing in stainless steel coils, metal machines and interior woodworking products of furnishing decoration YAOYI has over 28 years of experience exporting their products around the globe to meet customer needs; offering various grades and sizes tailored to customer requirements with punctual delivery of orders worldwide. They are widely renowned for providing high quality products at reasonable costs with on time delivery of orders – an aspect for which YAOYI stands out among its international competition!

Stainless steel coils have many applications in various fields such as electrical, aerospace, petroleum and chemical industries, automotive industry, ship building industry and food processing equipment production line furnaces as well as food processing medical devices. To maintain the quality of these stainless steel coils, manufacturers must abide by stringent quality assurance measures including mechanical and chemical tests as well as visual and tactile inspections to ensure quality products.

In the United States, stainless steel production is closely overseen by government agencies. This regulation includes oversight by both the National Institute of Technology (NIST) and Department of Commerce to ensure high standards for coil production in this country; NIST oversees standards such as tensile strength, elongation, corrosion resistance; while Department of Commerce monitors importation to ensure it satisfies certain criteria.

At the core of stainless steel coil prices lies global market conditions. When economic downturn strikes, demand for steel decreases significantly leading to reduced prices; additionally, raw materials like iron ore have an effect on final coil pricing as well.

This company boasts an expansive production line, consisting of hot rolled, cold rolled, annealed and pickled products as well as hot welded pipes and domestic/imported stainless steel sheets. In addition, a comprehensive array of welding/cutting equipment is also provided; most customers served are in North America.

If you are searching for a quality stainless steel coil manufacturer, make sure that they comply with ISO:9001:2015 management system and can offer high-quality products to their clients. They should offer samples of their products as well as customization services for larger orders; the service should also offer shipping according to your specifications.

IQS Directory is an industrial stainless steel coil manufacturers and suppliers directory designed to help you quickly locate the appropriate companies for your project. Each listing provides details about its product/application, contact information, customer reviews and even submit requests directly from each listing page, saving both time and money while giving you the ability to compare quotes from various companies to find one best suited to meet your requirements.

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