Large scale winter storage has not yet started. Some steel traders are optimistic

Since the beginning of winter, the storage of construction steel in winter has attracted attention. A few days ago, a reporter from China Securities Journal found that the comprehensive winter storage has not yet started. However, with the release of the downstream real estate policy, and the current steel price has dropped by about 20% year on year, some steel traders have changed their negative attitude towards winter storage.

However, due to the falling steel prices this year, the annual profits of steel traders are not good. Many steel traders may be limited by funds, and the actual scale of winter storage still depends on the steel price at the end of the month and the real estate recovery.

It still takes time to fully start

“The winter storage of steel products has just begun, and only some parts of the northwest have seen the phenomenon of winter storage. According to the past practice, large-scale winter storage will be carried out on December 20, but this year may be earlier.” The general manager of a large steel trader in Tianjin told reporters, “At this time point, it is still a smooth selling stage for steel traders. They buy 100 tons and sell 100 tons. There is no inventory. When winter storage starts, steel traders will no longer sell the steel they buy, just to keep it for the New Year and sell it after the Spring Festival starts.”

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