Steel Coil Manufacturing Companies

steel coil manufacturing companies

Steel coils provide an efficient and space-efficient means to store sheet metal. Produced through either hot-rolling or cold-rolling processes that progressively flatten metal ingots into sheets, they’re an invaluable commodity that’s useful in many different fields.

Selecting an excellent stainless steel slitting company is key to maintaining quality products and business standards. Below are companies known for their outstanding quality and customer service.

Liaocheng Xinzheng Steel Co., Ltd.

Are You Searching for Steel Coil Manufacturers? Look No Further. These companies are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction with state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology used to produce high-grade coils; meeting specific customer requirements while exceeding them!

Zhengzhou City Unites Steel Industrial Co., Ltd is an industry-leading metal coil supplier in China. Their products can be found everywhere from construction projects and automotive manufacturing, to automotive component production. ISO 9001:2008 certification shows their strong dedication to customer satisfaction while their steel coils come in various sizes and grades for customers to select from.

Tianjin Honest Steel, established in 2006 and with modern production facilities equipped with cutting-edge technologies. They pride themselves on producing top quality products while employing an expert team who are always on hand.

Shandong Heng Steel Group Co., Ltd is a premier steel coil producer in China. Their products can be found across a range of industries including construction, automotive and appliance. Committed to innovation with an outstanding R&D team on board – products are sold to many countries around the globe.

Jiangsu Olsen Iron and Steel Co., Ltd is a steel coil producer located in Wuxi, China. Their steel products can be found everywhere from automotive manufacturing to shipping containers; with sizes and thickness options to suit a range of applications.

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Shandong Heng Steel Group Co., Ltd.

If you are in search of steel coils, there are numerous companies you can turn to for help. Each is dedicated to meeting their customers’ needs and has an established history of producing top-quality steel products. Their teams of experienced professionals are also on standby ready to answer any queries or address concerns; some even specialize in customizing coils to suit unique customer specifications.

Qingdao Hengcheng Steel Co., Ltd is one of China’s premier steel companies, known for their superior products and stellar customer service. As a premier provider of galvanized and pre-painted steel products, their team of experts is here to assist with finding you the ideal solutions for your business. In addition, they also carry an assortment of other items, such as seamless and welded pipes.

Hengfeng Group is a professional steel plate and profile production enterprise equipped with six lines of steel processing equipment, producing products used in construction, machinery manufacturing, container production and shipbuilding applications. Furthermore, they are members of China Corrosion Research Institute and Wear-Resistant Materials Exchange Center.

Hengfeng also manufactures pre-painted steel sheets coated with an anticorrosion paint designed to resist corrosion, acid and abrasion – these products are sold globally in over 50 countries.

Zhengzhou City Unites Steel Industrial Co., Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008-certified steel coil producer located in China. Their wide variety of sizes and grades makes their products perfect for multiple applications.

Hengming began its operations in 2015, specializing in ISO/SGS/CE certified color coated steel coils, galvanized steel coils, and color coated roofing sheets with target markets that span North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. They currently are expanding their product offering globally so as to make Hengming products more accessible and cost effective for customers worldwide.

Alliance Steel

Alliance Steel is a metal service center offering carbon, aluminum and stainless steel coils for use across industries including automotive, construction, agriculture, transportation and energy. Additionally, Alliance offers cutting, shearing and blanking processing to customers based in northwest Indiana as part of their offering in flat-rolled steel supply and coil processing.

Since 2002, this company has been recognized by its customers as an industry leader. Their goal is to offer superior quality products at competitive pricing with wide variety of sizes available and backed by three year limited warranties on their products.

Allied Steel’s manufacturing facility has been operating for more than 20 years, serving fabricators and OEMs throughout North America as a one-stop shop. Their coil inventory features cold-rolled, pickled and oiled, hot rolled, commercial steel as well as specialty products and custom cut-to-length orders – an invaluable service.

They specialize in coils and sheet metals of various widths, grades, and thicknesses; boast an expansive inventory; collaborate closely with major steel mills and suppliers to guarantee they never run out of stock; offer processing capabilities such as slitting, shearing, blanking, stretcher leveling as well as coatings/finishes tailored specifically for customer requirements; have an expansive processing capability range and meet stretcher leveling needs with ease; as well as offer customization solutions designed specifically to meet each customers’ unique requirements.

Allied Steel has been providing metal building components to multiple industries for more than 60 years, including offices and retail buildings, warehouses, churches, schools, factories, agricultural structures and aircraft hangars. Their products are constructed using durable high-grade materials designed for longevity and strength.

Since 2007, this family-run company has been in operation, employing over one dozen people who are trained to provide exceptional customer service and possess extensive knowledge about their industry. At any given moment they are always available and happy to answer questions or offer assistance should anything arise that arise.

Curtis Steel

Curtis Steel provides flat-rolled carbon steel products. Their selection includes galvanized, paint-grip (Bonderized), galvannealed, galvalume, cold rolled, electro-galvanized hot rolled pickled and oiled hot rolled products as well as stainless steel products – they even produce custom-sized sheets and coils with an extensive inventory in Houston, Dallas and Rio Grande Valley.

Curtis Steel employees average an annual salary of $58,768 which is comparable to other companies within its industry, such as Gestamp Chattanooga LLC, Fluid Routing Solutions and F & P America.

Curtis Steel of Houston, Texas is one of the largest locally owned and operated distributors of flat-rolled steel products. Established in 1976, they provide their customers with an expansive inventory of carbon flat-rolled steel products such as galvanized, bonderized and galvannealed, paint grip galvalume galvalume cold rolled hot rolled pickled and oiled as well as stainless steel products as well as other specialty items.

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