Steel Coil Manufacturers

steel coil manufacturers

Steel coil manufacturers produce rolled metal materials from slabs. Their products can be utilized across various industries and come in an assortment of sizes, widths, gauges and finishes to suit every need.

Many automotive components are manufactured with stainless steel coils, such as the chassis frame and engine components. Some companies even use steel coils in construction or furniture manufacturing.

Zhejiang Zhong Ding Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

Steel coils are an invaluable resource in modern engineering, offering versatility across sizes, widths, gages and finishes. Some manufacturers even provide customized coils in multiple colors and finishes – making it easier for customers to locate what they need. Used across industries including automotive, building, electrical consumers residential utilities utilities these coils come in various grades alloys grades; Zhejiang Zhong Ding Iron and Steel Co. Ltd is an excellent option whether looking for high quality or affordable products.

This company specializes in custom manufacturing of stainless steel coils in various sizes and widths for various applications, offering high-quality products with excellent customer service – it maintains an inventory of over 4,000 tons to guarantee that customers receive their orders quickly.

Liaocheng, Jiangsu, China-based facilities of this company are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology to meet customer demands for automotive manufacturing, shipbuilding and machinery industries. Products made of high-grade steel are supported by its quality assurance program as well as third-party lab inspections to ensure their safe usage.

This company specializes in high-quality, precision steel coils that can be cut to length and tailored for specific projects. Their products include carbon and free-cutting steels as well as nickel and brass alloys – ideal for sealing strip, seals and machine tool wedges. Furthermore, this company provides various finishing services such as waterjet cutting and CNC machining to complete projects successfully.

Our company boasts an experienced team of engineers and technicians ready to meet the challenges presented by aerospace, power generation, aviation, nuclear energy and medical industries. Its facilities can produce high-quality yet cost-effective products to ensure customer satisfaction; including airlines, aircraft manufacturers, shipbuilders and military contractors as customers.

Jindal Stainless

Jindal Stainless, established in 1970, is India’s pioneer and largest Swadeshi stainless steel company, serving customers in over 60 countries around the globe and adding its signature sparkle. Producing flat products such as slabs, blooms, hot and cold rolled coils, plates and specialty items such as razor blade steel precision strips coin blanks to name but a few, its products find use across infrastructure construction consumer durables railway automobile process industries plumbing.

Jindal Stainless is a global provider of stainless-steel flat products for austenitic, ferritic, martensitic and duplex applications in austenitic grades of austenitic ferritic martensitic duplex grades and duplex grades, sold under its JSL brand in India and worldwide. Their flagship plant in Jaipur has an annual capacity of producing 1.1 million tons; their products serve customers from the construction, automotive, railway and consumer durables industries; in addition to nuclear applications.

Management at this company boasts extensive expertise in the stainless-steel industry and are committed to producing quality products. Furthermore, there are various innovative projects underway which will assist it with future expansion as well as an established track record for investing in growth opportunities and increasing operational efficiencies.

Abhyuday Jindal, a Boston University graduate in Economics and Business Management, is a widely respected management professional with expertise in project management, supply chain systems management, strategic and general management as well as being Co-Chair of FICCI Steel Committee.

He began his career at JSW Group, playing a pivotal role in their stake acquisition of Ispat Industries and post-acquisition integration. Later he joined Boston Consulting Group where he provided project consultancy to various industries like cement, steel and wind turbines.

He is a keen investor, having amassed an investment portfolio worth more than US$100 million. His investments include Schneider, Cairn Energy and HCL Technologies – helping them experience three to five-fold increases in valuations as a result.


Outokumpu is a stainless steel company founded in 1910 in Finland and named for a hill that had an unusual shape that it took its name from. Early years were turbulent for Outokumpu but quickly established an international reputation as a manufacturer of high performance copper products.

Outokumpu faced an uphill struggle during its early days due to ownership disputes relating to copper deposits on site, between competing parties fighting over who owned which. Outokumpu resolved this conflict by offering shares in its company to employees so that they too would own part of Outokumpu and be part of its future success.

By the late 1980s, Outokumpu had become one of the world’s leading stainless steel producers, thanks to Eero Makinen as its chief executive. Under Makinen’s skilled yet passionate leadership, the company navigated through a difficult period of industrial restructuring in the 1980s successfully becoming an independent corporation free to adapt quickly to market changes and compete effectively against rival firms.

Outokumpu’s stainless steel plant in Tornio, Finland is one of the largest integrated facilities of its kind. With two stainless steel melt shops, hot rolling mills and cold rolling mills; brushing and polishing lines as well as two ferrochrome works and an offshore shipyard onsite, Outokumpu operates one of the world’s largest integrated stainless steel operations.

Outokumpu has expanded beyond Europe to serve markets in both the US and Mexico. Outokumpu operates its US plants as the Stainless Coil Americas division, offering both standard and specialty grades along with comprehensive finishing services to serve an array of industries from automotive to aerospace and medical.

Kunshan Plant in China of this company specializes in producing superior Austenitic and Ferritic Heat-Resistant grades to be used across a range of applications. Equipped with advanced Novastilmec cut-to-length machines, its team of engineers are dedicated to finding tailored solutions for every application; and its coils have been used in numerous projects worldwide such as Cloud Gate in Chicago and Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center) in New York City – landmarks both used extensively by this coil manufacturer.

Alliance Steel

Alliance Steel is a flat-rolled steel processing and distribution company offering an array of products and services, such as steel sheets, blanks and coils as well as slitting/shearing capabilities. Their services also extend to custom fabrication projects as well as providing metallurgical support – with various gauge and size products being offered from stock.

Flat-rolled steel products from Gary Steel Products Company are indispensable in construction projects and the manufacturing of equipment and machinery supporting such efforts. A reliable supply of this steel helps companies increase productivity, decrease costs and maximize profit. Their facilities can be found in Gary, Indiana.

Alliance Steel is a prominent player in the global Electro Galvanised Steel Coil market. Their business model focuses on providing value to customers through efficient operations and investing in innovation, with their steel products used in everything from homes and hospitals to bridges and roads built worldwide. Their products are made using top-quality steel produced by industry leaders.

Alliance Steel offers steel products designed to withstand corrosion, fire and environmental adversities. Furthermore, Alliance offers services such as cutting, slitting, shearing and stretcher leveling; plus their cold-rolled product is tailored specifically to customer requirements – perfect for applications which demand low strength/thickness ratio.

This company boasts over three decades of experience in the steel industry and boasts an exceptional track record for quality, integrity and service. They use various processing and finishing techniques that rank them amongst North America’s finest flat-rolled steel producers. Their steel products can be found worldwide; manufacturing facilities located both in the U.S. and Mexico produce them.

The report on the global Electro Galvanised Steel Coil 2023 market covers all aspects of business. This includes research on recent developments and trends, competitive landscape, market size share of major manufacturers as well as focus on top selling companies globally. Furthermore, this report offers a detailed view of their operations along with their production locations.

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