Steel market analysis

Steel market analysis. Today, the steel price tends to be stable, with a few varieties rising and falling in different markets. The average price of a few varieties such as medium plate still moves up slightly, with a range of about 20 yuan. The overall transaction is average, the speculative demand has cooled, and the market has a strong wait-and-see mentality.

The current steel market is in a state of shock adjustment after rising. The long and short positions were restrained, and there was no obvious increase in positions. However, the continued rise did face more pressure, and conditions needed to be transformed. In the spot market, there are not too many variables in the fundamentals. The drop in demand in winter and the large pressure on supply are still the main factors that drag down the spot.

At present, rebar and other varieties have accumulated in the off-season. Under the pattern of three rounds of coke increase and high iron ore price, the steel cost center continues to move up, pig iron profit only maintains about 100 yuan, and the gross profit of finished products is still in a loss state.

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