Steel price returns to strength

At present, prices are easy to rise but hard to fall. It is mainly manifested in several aspects: First, the local market is still short of specifications, and it is often difficult for one supplier to complete the goods; It is the cost strength driven by raw materials. The lower the steel price, or the lower the price, the more losses. Third, the macro positive expectation is still not over, and it will be at least after the economic work conference or the first wave of infection peak after the clarity.

Due to the firm price, the scale of winter storage this year is weaker than that of previous years, the willingness of winter storage is not high, and the atmosphere of passive winter storage is strong. Many steel mills also reported that they could not declare the policy of winter storage, but changed it to self storage and follow the market. On the whole, the winter storage group may be concentrated in the primary agency of steel plants, and it is dominated by regional local steel plant resources, which is at least the state before the Spring Festival.

As the price continues to rise on the market, it does not rule out the end of the shock adjustment. After the break, it continues to rise, and the spot still has the opportunity to rise.

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