The Steel Price Remain Stable in November

The steel price remain stable!

The steel price in the domestic market declined slightly in November, and the steel demand is expected to remain stable in the later period
In November, due to the cold weather, steel market demand in some parts of China showed a downward trend, and steel prices continued to decline slightly. Since December, with the adjustment of epidemic prevention and control measures, the market is expected to improve, and steel prices have rebounded slightly.

According to the monitoring of China Steel Association, at the end of November, China’s steel price index (CSPI) was 108.47 points, down 1.03 points month on month, or 0.94%, 1.95 percentage points lower than last month; The year-on-year decrease was 25.16 points, or 18.83%. With the domestic market entering the off-season of demand, the demand situation of steel in the later period is under great pressure. As the policies and measures to stabilize the economy and the epidemic situation have been effective, the recovery of the national economy has been further consolidated, and the demand for steel is expected to remain stable.

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