The willingness to store in winter has been strengthened

When it comes to “winter storage”, steel traders no longer choose to lie flat, but wait for opportunities.
Liu Santing, chairman of Hebei Heng’an Plate Co., Ltd., said that after a round of increase in November, the overall steel price is at a relatively high position, and the price for “winter storage” is obviously on the high side. If there is a price correction before the year, we will conduct “winter storage” in due time according to the extent of the correction. If the price continues to rise, it will only take the agreed amount and will not increase reserves.

Hu Haijie, the chairman of Shijiazhuang Kaixuan Metal Materials Co., Ltd., also said that the Spring Festival was held earlier this year, and the “winter storage” period was relatively long, so the cost of warehousing, capital and other aspects was higher. And the current price is obviously on the high side, and the risk for traders to take the goods is high. I hope the steel mill will issue preferential policies to share the difficulties with you.

Cheng Huan, department manager of Hebei Huatong Metal Materials Co., Ltd., said that the company has a certain amount of long-term cooperation, so “winter storage” is inevitable. It is expected to enter the “winter storage” stage in late December.

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